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Property Developers UK

Thinking of new ways of solving age old problems is what ispace does best.

Over the years we have gained a reputation as a property developer that can be trusted to deliver on its promises. We believe in the principle that no project is too difficult or impossible; it just needs the right solution. Sometimes finding the solution isn't easy which is why some projects started by other property developers never get fully off the ground or completed. We're different, and so are our developments.

We turn things on their head and look at the wider picture, exploring every hidden opportunity - sometimes our approach is unorthodox, but then who wants to be the same as everyone else! We treat each project individually giving it all the care and attention it deserves making sure that we never lose sight of the original aim.

As a small team supported by an array of experts we are flexible and offer a truly personal approach - something which experience tells us is rare to find. We're never aggressive or pushy and we believe that's why clients, planning departments and other key stakeholders like working with us.

At ispace we don't just develop buildings, we create environments. From retail property developers to commercial property developments and residential property developers we have the imagination and knowhow to turn your idea into reality.